Success also means for us that our Center has sufficient funds to continue the operation as God has ordained and directed us.  We operate on a shoestring budget often but GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES WHAT WE NEED WHEN WE NEED IT.  We have many supporters who make monthly, annual and random donations to us so that we can keep the lights on.  Thank you for supporting us with your financial blessings.  We don't take that for granted.  We also receive grant money from Sisters of Charity Foundation in Columbia, SC, as well as Farmer's Telephone Company in Kingstree.  Several churches in the local area make donations monthly, quarterly, and annually.  We also have donors outside the state as far away as Paris, Texas.  We do welcome new supporters so if you feel God tugging at your heart to give to JCMC-Haven of Rest, don't miss your blessing.  Donations can be mailed to JCMC-Haven of Rest, PO Box 166, Alcolu, SC  29001 or donated online.  (See GET INVOLVED on HOME page)


​​​​Jordan Crossroads Ministry Center - Haven of Rest


Success to us, first of all, has to do with the services we are providing for these women and their children, and their ability to move forward after leaving our Center to live in a stable, safe and serene environment.  Many of them will have a home they can call theirs; many of them will receive educational opportunities never afforded them before; and many of them will have a job that will provide financial income to meet their needs.

What a blessing for them and a blessing for us to see them enter into that new world called freedom.  Freedom from control of this aggressor; freedom to spend quality time with their families and friends; and freedom to enjoy life without fear of harm.

JCMC-Haven of Rest has been operational since May, 2008 and we have provided transitional housing for 53 women, including 63 children, since some women brought their children with them.  It is a wonderful opportunity we have been afforded to come to the aid of those who have a need for our Ministry House.

Many of these women leave our Center with a success story of their own. One lady rededicated her life to God and received her ordination through the church with which she became affiliated. Great news!!!

Willette's Testimony

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