We love to advocate for this great cause (Domestic Violence) because we want to see South Carolina go off the grid for murders of women by their aggressors.  Currently we are #1 state for this hideous crime.  We ARE NOT proud of that status and are working hard to protect and safeguard these women, one at a time, as they come to our "safe haven" to escape from this undesirable environment.


April Lukomski made this speech re JCMC-Haven of Rest.  LISTEN.

Let us know how you can help save lives.


Mission Statement 
Jordan Crossroads Ministry Center-Haven of Rest is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit transitional domestic violence crisis center for women and their children, that is community and integrity minded. Our mission is to provide a safe haven for women and their children escaping their aggressive/abusive partner or spouse. JCMC-Haven of Rest strives for survivors to acquire independence and start a new life without the threat of abuse.


MidlandsGives 2018 (May 1, 2018- JCMC-Haven of Rest will be participating, along with other NonProfits in 11 counties.  Our goal this year is to raise $3500.00 or more for JCMC-Haven of Rest.  More details coming April 2018.


Are you suffering from abuse of any type and need a place to relocate for 90 days or less to give you time to make some decisions on how you will pursue your future?  If so, JCMC-Haven of Rest is where you can come for that needed time.  We would love to be a provider of peace and tranquility for you.  I believe you will feel comfortable, peaceful and receive respect from the members of the Board.

No one should have to live in a world that is in chaos and unrest, and we would like to give you a little piece of Heaven.  Call or email with details of your abusive situation and we will work with you to give you that peace of mind you need.

Together, we can make a difference

Jordan Crossroads Ministry Center - Haven of Rest

We welcome anyone interested in serving with us in the Cause of Domestic Violence and wanting to stop this CRIME in Clarendon County and throughout the world, one woman at a time. 

We meet monthly to discuss the Organization's accomplishments, needs and events.  To be successful, it is necessary to daily make moves toward the goals set for success.  Our goal is to encourage women in domestic violence environments to move away from that place in their lives and endeavor to improve on their lifestyles so that abuse is no longer acceptable.  Please join us:

PLACE:  New Covenant Presbyterian Church,

               2833 Alex Harvin Hwy.  Manning, SC

DATE:    1st WEDNESDAY of every MONTH

TIME:     10:00 AM

               Park in Fellowship Building area and enter through double glass 

              doors.  Call Ann Driggers at 803-460-5572 with any questions.                      

Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell, the more help we can receive.
Make a single or monthly donation directly from your bank account, credit card, or Paypal.

We have a Domestic Violence Walk every year in October to bring awareness to this cause and solicit our community to become involved so we can all work toward eradicating this crime. 

Can't spend a dime? 
Then, spend some time... helping us help those in need.

aka JCMC-Haven of Rest

Believe it or not, JCMC-Haven of Rest will be celebrating 10 years as a Faith-based Organization in Clarendon County, SC.  Plans are being made for a Celebration May 18, 2018.  Mark your calendar so you will celebrate with us.

Alcolu, SC 29001, USA
+18033098085 • anndriggers@aol.com

Learn how you can get involved with JCMC-Haven of Rest


Our Board/Members are all volunteers who have a passion for serving Domestic Violence Crisis Women and their children to ensure they are safe from their abuser/aggressor.

Due to Hurricane Matthew sweeping across SC, we had to cancel our DV Awareness Walk again in 2016.

The Flood caused us to cancel our Walk in 2015.  We hosted another type of Fundraiser for 2017.

A Southern Gospel Sing was held October 21, 2017 at the Weldon Auditorium in Manning, SC.  We had a good response but hope to have a greater response October 20, 2018.  Plan to attend and share in the event.   

FUNDRAISERS for JCMC-Haven of Rest:

LOST PENNY DAY- February 12, 2018- We have received the donations for this year's fundraiser and you helped us raise $827.08.  Thank you.  If you didn't participate this year, go ahead and begin saving for next year's fundraiser which will be February 12, 2019.  Remember every PENNY counts.

Hotline # 803-309-8085

 EMAIL: jcmc.havenofrest@gmail.com